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The Quirky Logos design project presented a unique opportunity to showcase my creativity and design skills. With the client’s specific colours of orange, green, and black, I set out to create a set of logos that would capture the essence of their business. Extensive research was conducted to ensure that the designs were not only visually appealing but also aligned with the client’s preferences and values. The challenge was to create a sense of warmth and simplicity, while still maintaining a quirky edge that would set the logos apart from the competition.

Each colour was carefully considered in the logo designs, with the option to use them individually or in a blend mode to create an attractive and eye-catching effect. The combination of orange, green and black was particularly intriguing, as it created a sense of energy and vitality that perfectly captured the spirit of the business.

Throughout the project, my focus remained on delivering a unique and memorable set of logos that would stand out in the marketplace. From concept to completion, I drew on my experience to create a set of logos that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The result was a stunning and cohesive set of logos that perfectly conveyed the sense of friendship and simplicity that the client was looking for.

Graphic & Logo Design - Quirky

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